How to play:
  1.  Grab a Mission Bingo card. You can print one out by clicking the link below or email [email protected] to request one be mailed to you. If you are already in The Nett Church database a Bingo card has been mailed to you and will arrive soon.
  2. Spend the month of July completing the tasks listed in each square. View the full list of challenges below including contact information for our leadership team members that help you volunteer for specific events or programs. Don’t forget to mark your card when a job is done!
  3. Be sure to take pictures and videos of you and your family completing the different tasks and share them with us on our Facebook group. Click here to join our group!
  4. Bring your card back to The Nett Church Bethesda Campus (444 Bethesda Church Rd. in Lawrenceville) any time on July 26th from 10am-12pm to collect your prizes!
Click the pdf link below to download your Bingo card!
Bingo Card Challenges:
  • Volunteer to help organize The New Nett Foster Closet. Email [email protected] to schedule a time to serve.
  • Refer Nett Foster Closet to a Foster Family -Volunteer to help organize and distribute KidsNett Pickapaks. Email [email protected] to learn more.
  • Have a dance off with someone
  • Play a game with a friend
  • Take a pic of your pet and introduce them to Nettlife
  • Go for a walk or bike ride and pick up trash -Wash the neighbors car
  • Help a community member with yard work or chores
  • Research a need in the community
  • Prepare and share a meal with someone you love or should love
  • Donate/volunteer to a Co-op
  • Write a letter to a friend or family member
  • Volunteer for The Nett Church Call a Buddy! Email [email protected] to learn more.
  • Schedule a visit or call a church member with limited mobility. Don’t forget to practice social distancing) Email [email protected] for a contact list of members you can visit.
  • Volunteer for campus beautification and disinfecting. Email [email protected] to get connected.
  • Make a recipe from the Church cookbook
  • Submit an idea for an upcoming Mission Sunday via the church website or by emailing [email protected]
  • Deliver snacks to a group of first responders
  • Make a card or piece of art for Assistance Living Residents
  • Volunteer for the Lettum Eat program at The Nettwork Campus. Email [email protected] to schedule your time.

The church has left the building.

Once a month we set aside the weekly worship routine to focus on impacting others through special outreach events. Past events have included partnering with local co-ops, collecting funds to support international food relief, and hosting community events all across the county.

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