ElderCare VISITS

Agenda/Event Schedule       10:30a - 12:30p
10:30am Team members arrive and sign-in
10:30-10:50 as we gather, we will mingle and chat with residents in the Atrium, and start making in-room visits (in pairs) based upon the resident sign-ups.  First-time volunteers will be given a safety procedures review.
10:50 set up and "warm up" the Dining Room for Group Visit   (some team members continue in-room visits)
11:00am - 12:00pm  Group Visit!  Songs, Games, Videos, FUN!
12:00-12:30  Break down Group Visit, help recover the Dining Room and continue to mingle with residents as they arrive for lunch.
12:30  Lunch starts...  We're officially done!

Group visits

For our Group Visit, Delmar Gardens staff will set up a semi-circle of chairs around the big screen TV in the dining room.   Team leaders will operate a laptop computer showing the presentation,  and team members take turns leading songs and games.  We all help residents participate, so sit among them.
At 11:00am, we start with "breaking the ice" where we go around the room, asking everybody present to introduce themselves and tell us an interesting fact about them, like where you grew up, or have visited.
We will alternate with Singalong Songs, Videos and Games for most of our visit time, following the presentation on the TV.  
Near the end of the visit, we will sing a patriotic song and then have a brief devotional based upon a specific scripture.  Team members are invited to prepare and lead this devotional time as scheduled.   This will typically be around 5 minutes.
We will close our group visit by singing a common hymn.   When we finish with the group session, we will help to recover the room for lunch, and continue with chats and mingling with residents in the Dining Room.
At 12:30 we are officially done as lunch begins.

In-room visits

In addition to visiting with residents in open areas such as the hallways, Dining Room and Atrium, visiting residents in their room is an important aspect of our program.  Some residents may even be bed-ridden.   Safety rules require this be done in pairs of unrelated team members only: no one-on-one in-room visits are allowed.   Residents will sign-up ahead of time to ask for an in-room visit - we will not be entering rooms without prior permission.  Most rooms are occupied by two residents, and in some cases both may be present in the room. The room door is to remain open during the visit.
Talking with residents can go three ways, and our team members must be prepared for all three paths.
1. Resident is talkative, and will lead and follow a conversation.
2. Resident is participative, and will get involved in a conversation that our team member leads.
3.  Resident is  reactive only.  Our team member must carry the conversation with little participation by the resident.
Be prepared to listen!  Engage in the conversation topics that the resident seems interested in.  Encourage them to talk by listening and reacting to what they say.
Be prepared to elicit a conversation on topics such as resident's family, life experiences, personal interests and favorite activities.

Delmar Facility  & Nett Safety Guidelines

“No germs in, no germs out.”  Wash/sanitize hands before and after each session.
Covid Masks must be worn at all times.  Covid vaccinations are highly recommended.
Report ANY direct observation or mention by resident of possible mistreatment or abuse to a team leader immediately.    This will be reported to the facility management, Nett staff, and as required by Georgia law.
Do not take any photos including residents without a team leader review.  Group photos only.  No one-on-one, in-room photos.
All team members sign in when entering.  (There is no receptionist.)  Take and wear a name tag sticker, and sanitize hands.
In-room visits are in pairs of team members only, by request only.  Most rooms will have two residents.  Do not close the door during the visit.
You may engage and chat with residents individually in open areas; hallways, atrium, dining room and patio.
First-time Team volunteers will be given a safety procedures review at gathering time.
REGULAR Team members & leaders complete the Delmar Gardens Volunteer Form and receive Nett Safe Sanctuaries training.