June Mission Sunday will be an opportunity for us to serve our church members who need a helping hand! We will be deploying to 6 homes to do yard work! We have child-friendly options, if your children will be serving with you! Would you like to serve but not able to participate in physical labor? We have an option just for you! There will be volunteers serving on lunch duty! Volunteer to prepare and deliver lunches to the volunteers doing yard work and the hosts so we can all break bread together! If you prefer to bring your own lunch please make note in the registration.

We will be gathering at the Bethesda Campus at 9am to have communion together, breakout into teams, and then deploy to bless our neighbors!

Mission Sunday: The Church has Left the Building.

Once a month we set aside the weekly worship routine to focus on impacting others through special outreach events. Past events have included partnering with local co-ops, collecting funds to support international food relief, and hosting community events all across the county.

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