Life Groups at The Nett Church

The New Testament tells us that many people followed Jesus Christ, but only some became his disciples. The word "disciple" was reserved for students of Christ who believed his teachings, imitated his lifestyle, and called upon other people to do the same.

At The Nett Church we are committed to forming disciples of Christ who are prepared to live out God's mission of reconciling a divided world.

We believe that to be a healthy disciple, you need to be a healthy person. We know that the Bible is a complicated book and we equip people with the tools to translate God's message. We understand that a central part of the Bible is Christ's desire to form a community of believers that break down the barriers of race, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and political affiliation.

Being a disciple is not just something that is to be talked about. It's something that should be lived out in our daily lives. At The Nett Church, our calling is to challenge each other to take our faith beyond the doors of the Church.

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Take a Look at our Current Life Groups

Sunday Groups
  • Men's Group 
  • Discipleship Group
    • 9:30am at The Berkmar Campus Conference Room
    • Leader: Javier Muñoz
  • Spanish Bible Study
    • 9:30am at The Berkmar Campus
    • Leader: Rosey Flores
  • Open Hearts Sunday School
    • 9:30am at The Bethesda Campus Lower Level Classroom
    • Leader: Bev Hombroek
  • Good News Class
    • 10:30am at The Bethesda Campus Fellowship Hall (Back Half)
    • Leader: Bob Luth
  • Celia Alford Class
    • 10:30am  at The Bethesda Campus Fellowship Hall (Front Half)
    • Leader: Carole Martin
  • YouthNett
  • Worship Bible Study (12 wk)
    • 6:30pm at The Berkmar Campus
    • Leader: Amanda Miller

Monday Groups
  • Mom's Study

Tuesday Groups
  • Prayer Group
  • Outreach Circle UMW
    • 11am at The Bethesda Campus (and individual homes)
    • Leader: Carole Martin
  • Men's Group

Wednesday Groups
  • Facebook Bible Study
  • Young Adults
  • Couples Study
    •  6:30pm at The Berkmar Campus
    • Leaders: Steve & Cheryl Thomas

Thursday Groups

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