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The New Testament tells us that many people followed Jesus Christ, but only some became his disciples. The word "disciple" was reserved for students of Christ who believed his teachings, imitated his lifestyle, and called upon other people to do the same.

At The Nett Church we are committed to forming disciples of Christ who are prepared to live out God's mission of reconciling a divided world.

We believe that to be a healthy disciple, you need to be a healthy person. We know that the Bible is a complicated book and we equip people with the tools to translate God's message. We understand that a central part of the Bible is Christ's desire to form a community of believers that break down the barriers of race, gender, ethnicity, class, sexuality, and political affiliation.

Being a disciple is not just something that is to be talked about. It's something that should be lived out in our daily lives. At The Nett Church, our calling is to challenge each other to take our faith beyond the doors of the Church.

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If you are in the following groups listed below use the Zoom Link below from now on. All groups below are using the same link and also respecting the designated times so that we don't run into each other's group times. All other Life groups, reach out to your leader to make sure your link has not changed. Not in a life group? Join one today!


10am-11am => Prayer Group
7pm-8pm => Men’s Group
7pm-8pm => On Earth as it is in Heaven (Connect via our Facebook group)
7pm-8pm => Women’s Group (Every other week)
Password: 640496
9:30am-10:30am => Open Heart SS Group
7:00pm -8:15pm => YouthNett

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