welcome to nett family!

Welcome to our Family Ministry at The Nett Church! We are thrilled to have you join the Nett community and embark on this exciting journey together. The vision of the Nett  is to see families rooted in faith, equipped to become spiritual champions in their homes, and confidently lead and engage their children as they live out their faith. Our mission is to provide relevant and engaging opportunities for families to worship, learn, serve, and connect with other families as they become an integral part of our faith community.

We believe that family is the cornerstone of our lives, and we are dedicated to supporting and nurturing families as they grow in their relationship with God and one another. You are essential to the beautiful tapestry of faith, love, and support we weave together as a faith community.

At The Nett Church,  we understand that each family is unique, and we celebrate the diversity of our community. We are committed to fostering an inclusive environment where families of all shapes and sizes can come together, share their joys, overcome challenges, and celebrate life's meaningful moments.

Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in an array of engaging and family-centered events, services, and programs tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of families like yours. From inspiring worship services and educational opportunities to community service projects and faith formation retreats, there is always something for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

We invite you to get involved and actively participate in The Nett Family Ministry. Your presence and unique perspectives on marriage, family, and parenthood will only enrich this community. We are looking forward with great anticipation to witness the blessings and growth that lie ahead.

Blessings, The NettFamily Team
Sandy Williams (KidsNett) - kidsnett@thenettchurch.com
Sandra Mesidor (YouthNett) - sandra@thenettchurch.com
 Justin Song (Younger Adults) - justin@thenettchurch.com

Therefore, encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

As a part of our NettFamily Ministry, you can expect the following:

Sunday Worship Services

The Nett offers a vibrant and uplifting worship experience that will inspire and deepen your connection with God and others. The Nett worship services are designed to be multicultural, multilingual, and intergenerational, speaking to the hearts of all nations, children and adults.

 Traditional Worship - Sundays at 9:30 am at our Bethesda  Campus
Modern Worship - Sundays at 11 am at our Berkmar Campus

Faith Formation Groups

The Nett Church offers a space where individuals can form closer relationships with one another and deeper personal interactions while fostering a sense of belonging, support, and friendship within the group. Small groups often engage in Bible study, book studies, or topical discussions to explore and deepen their understanding of biblical teachings, spiritual principles, or specific areas of interest. These discussions promote learning, reflection, and the sharing of different perspectives.

Family-Focused Events

The Nett Church offers family-focused events in ministry is a wonderful way to promote unity, fellowship, and spiritual growth within families. The Nett offers a variety of events and activities throughout the year, specifically catered to families, from picnics and game nights, movie nights to Trunk or Treat and Family Egg Hunts. These events create a space for families to connect and build community as they do life together.

Parenting and Marriage Integration

Raising a family in today's world can be both joyful and challenging.  It takes a village! And a healthy marriage is foundational to raising children and creating a nurturing home environment. The Nett Family Ministry offers resources that integrate parenting and marriage. The NettFamily Ministry partners  with families, providing materials and workshops that help couples navigate the challenges of balancing their roles as parents and spouses. Topics may include effective co-parenting, effective communication, and prioritizing the marriage relationship, as well as, resources, workshops, and support groups that address the specific needs of parents.

Family Ministry Leaders

The Nett Church has  incredible ministry leaders who are committed to serving as mentors by embodying positive values, character, and faith. They demonstrate integrity, authenticity, and compassion in their interactions with our NextGen. Through their words and actions, family ministry leaders inspire and motivate students to strive for personal growth and live out their faith. They provide opportunities for NextGen to deepen their relationship with God through prayer, worship, Bible study, and service. Family ministry leaders encourage spiritual practices, facilitate discussions on faith-related topics, and help students explore their beliefs and questions. They create a safe and inclusive space where students can express themselves, share their thoughts, and build meaningful connections with their peers and mentors.

outreach Opportunities

The Nett Church believes serving others is integral to our faith journey. We encourage parents to take an active role in supporting our Family Ministry. We also offer families several opportunities to engage in meaningful service projects through our outreach ministry.

One generation shall commend your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts.

Psalm 145.4

Building NextGen Disciples

KidsNett Children's Ministry

KidsNett Children's Ministry is an engaging ministry exclusively designed for children aged 0-10! Here, we believe in nurturing young hearts and minds through worship and teaching that engages them in an age-appropriate way. Every Sunday, your child will have the opportunity to participate in both small-group and large-group instruction, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. Our dedicated team creates a safe and loving environment where children can explore their faith, discover how to make wise choices and cultivate lasting friendships. Through interactive lessons, fun activities, and engaging storytelling, we aim to instill a deep understanding of God's love and teachings. Join us at KidsNett, where your child's spiritual growth, creativity, and friendships are cherished and nurtured!

To learn more, click here.

Netttweens ministry

NettTween is a weekly ministry of the Nett Church exclusively for 6th and 7th graders. This innovative ministry offers an inclusive and creative environment that fosters growth, friendship, and a deeper understanding of faith. NettTweens provides a safe space where students can freely express themselves, knowing that their thoughts and opinions are valued. Here, they will be embraced with open arms, experiencing a sense of belonging and love from the dedicated team of mentors and volunteers. One of the key highlights is Route 66, a dynamic ministry program that takes students on an inspiring journey through all 66 books of the Bible. Through engaging activities and discussions, Route 66 provides a comprehensive understanding of God's word while nurturing a genuine passion for studying and applying its teachings. Join us at NettTweens.

To learn more, click here.


We absolutely love our students, and our students hold a special place in our hearts. YouthNett is a vibrant ministry exclusively designed for middle and high school students, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of their lives. We wholeheartedly embrace the richness that arises from a diverse community of young individuals, each with their unique backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences. Our ministry is built upon the firm foundation of inclusivity, love, and respect for all. We warmly welcome and value every young person who joins us, creating a nurturing and supportive environment for their spiritual growth and development.

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younger adults

The Younger Adult Ministry at the Nett Church is dedicated to fostering genuine connections,
embracing authenticity, and living out Christian principles. We achieve this through monthly
outings to strengthen bonds of friendship and fellowship, providing a safe and judgment-free
space for individuals to express themselves, and form meaningful community. Our target
audience is high school graduates to younger adults around 30 years old. Our goal is to bridge
the ministry gap between our YouthNett to At the Table (Young Adult Ministry) by creating a
holistic and supportive younger adult community within the church, uniting and strengthening
our congregation. Our vision and mission are to be a welcoming, authentic, and service-oriented
community that inspires spiritual growth, meaningful relationships, and transformative service
by embodying Christ's love and teachings.

To learn more or to contact us, email justin@thenettchurch.com.

safe sanctuary policy

The Nett Church believes that God calls us to make our churches safe places, protecting children, youth, and other vulnerable persons from abuse. God calls us to create faith communities where children and adults grow safe and strong. Safe Sanctuaries is our response to this church-wide challenge. All Nett Ministries adhere to the Two Adult Rule: Every group of children, youth, and vulnerable adults should be supervised by two non-related adults. All Nett Ministry Leaders serving in any ministry involving children, youth, and vulnerable adults are mandated to attend an annual Safe Sanctuaries training and consent to a background check. For more information on Safe Sanctuaries please visit https://www.ngumc.org/safesanctuaries.

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